Class: The Professional

Charm 0
Sharp -1
Cool +2
Toughness +2
Weird -1

Gear: An Assault Rifle, 9mm Pistol, and a K-Bar for weapons, and a Second Chance Vest worn under his Jacket.

Class Features:
1. Battlefield Awareness: I always know what’s happening around myself, and what to watch out for due to my years spent training in the Marines, and C.I.A. (Get +1 Armor on top of my gear)

2. Leave No One Behind: Due to my training I believe everyone on the team needs to pull there weight, and the team is only as weak as its weakest link. (In combat when I help someone escape roll + Sharp. on a 10+ I get them out Clean. On a 7-9 I can get them out or suffer no harm. On a miss I fail to get them out and I’ve attracted the hostiles attention.)

3. Tactical Genius: (When I read a bad situation I roll + Cool instead of +Sharp.)

4. Devastating: (When inflicting harm, I may add + 1 harm.)

I"m Well Financed, with Rigorous training, with a take no prisoners attitude but unfortunately have to deal with the Red Tape of Bureaucracy.


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