Monster of the Week Campaign. The goal of this campaign will be to run each session as if it were an episode of a miniseries, that being said there will be a story arc continuously present in each episode. The adventure log will require at least one entry from each player per season, and I plan on having each season be 6-10 episodes long. Adventure log entries are to be treated as “Evidence” in a case file, think of it as some detective or FBI agent skimming through interesting files, pages, pictures, journal entries, videos, audio recordings in a closed (or maybe unsolved-investigation) this gives everyone free reign on what they want to add to the “Case files.” For example entries can be as structured as the first entry I posted, that entry is an “Agency” memorandum that serves as two purposes, it gives a peek at what the agency is like and gives an intro and brief history to the characters. Remember this game is setup so that we all create the world together and tell a fun story involving our hunters and the monsters they battle. Adventure log entries can be made anytime between game sessions and don’t need to serve as a recap for every session, they however should help develop this game world we are building. Want to just add creepy pics that match with the locations, characters or monsters we come across? Go for it! Think you need to flesh out your character a little more, then add police surveillance report featuring your character as the target or add letter your character wrote to his friend about the strange stuff going on. Be creative and have fun, it will only make our story more interesting!

They're Real,They're Hungry and They're Here. ( Monster of The Week)

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