Class: The Crooked. image.jpg

Charm 0
Sharp +1
Cool. +1
Toughness. +2
Weird. 0

Gear: .38 revolver, baseball bat, assault rifle.

Background: Burglar-when breaking into a secure location roll sharp. On a 10 pick 3, 7-9 pick 2 of the following. 1) get in undetected.
2) get out undetected
3) don’t leave a mess
4) find what you are looking for.

Moves : Crew ~ regular crew of 3-4 people who will help you out with pretty much anything.
Driver ~ you have +1 ongoing while driving. You can also hot wire any vehicle (older model vehicles require less tools). You are also granted 2 widely used vehicles.
Immortal ~

Vehicles/Lair/Resources: Dodge Viper. Econoline Van.

Discovered the underworld after working with an ugly muscle who’s goody two shoes attitude cost me a lucrative score. It wasn’t even his church we were targeting . I don’t even think he has a church, no WAY God could love something that ugly and useless. Goram is its name and the Agency identified him as a troll. If the Agency didn’t agree to compensate me for dealing with Goram again I would have not accepted the current mission. If they didn’t agree to further over compensate me I would have not agreed to work with “Karen”. After casing a wealthy neighborhood and spending a week or less preparing the lift, I drop my bag while running from the cops when a voice in my head ordered me to do so. WTF. I have to pay back the troll who hired me to heist in the first place. I never forgot the voice and when introduced to “Karen” , well , I think it’s obvious those two law abiding freaks attempted to give me an expensive morality lesson. FAIL! Introducing and the final addition of the posse is Viktor. Always by the book and is uncomfortable when the Agency’s policies aren’t adhered to. Came across him once at an Agency’s seminar on how to secure company information and prevent computer hacking. Need more time to figure out how to extort his seemingly endless resources. Seems Viktor wasn’t the last member. Another oversized meathead joined us for our Boston heist. I am partially to blame for his being here, I may have accidentally brought him across from another world,dimension, plane, I don’t know. This world is just going looney as of late. Calls himself Professor Green. Doubtful. With the departure of Karen in Underbridge, my cousin, Netgirl4, grouped up with us. Nice gal but boy can she hold a grudge.