Big man with a dark Aura wearing stylish clothes.


The Monstrous [Troll]

-2 Charm
+2 Cool
+0 Sharp
+0 Toughness
+3 Weird

Shotgun (3-harm, close, messy)

Class Features:

  1. Vulnerability (FIRE):You suffer +1 harm from fire. If you are bound or surrounded by it, you must act under pressure to use your powers.
  2. Unnatural Appeal: Roll +Weird instead of +Charm when you manipulate someone.
  3. Unholy Strength:Roll +Weird instead of +Tough when you kick ass.
  4. Claws of the Beast: All your natural attacks get +1 harm.
  5. Unquenchable Vitality: When you have taken harm, you can heal yourself. Roll Cool. On a 10, heal 2-harm and stabilize your injuries. On a 7-9, heal 1-harm and stabilize your injuries. On a miss, your injuries worsen.

Natural Attacks:
Base: Claws (2+1 harm, hand)
Extra: Add Ignore-armour to a base [Claws]
Base: Mandibles (1-2-3 harm, intimate)



Like all kids, you only know what you grew up with. My parents where Trolls…and not the loving kind. They were right out of a fairy tale. If I wasn’t hurting things for fun, then I was doing it for money or some other sport. I was mean, violent, and loved it. I intentionally took sarcasm literally, often to another’s dismay.
Somehow, I managed to make it through school. Don’t tell anyone, but math and music were my favorite classes. Both were able to calm me down and clear my head.

Anyways, for my 21st birthday party I was thrown in a Max Security prison for ripping the arms off some asshole that kept bothering me. I warned em, then he just said “Like to see ya try” so I did. I was impressed, I got both with a single pull. Never done that before. Of course then came the screaming and yelling and commotion. So, placed his arms on his shoulders and waited for the cops. Least I would have a bed that night.

In Prison I was thrown on the football team. Can you believe it, a Max Security Pen has a traveling football team…what kind of world do we live in.
It was a great time. I got to level people out, be as physically brutal as I wanted and just called it “serving time”. I was sad when my years where up. I had to go back to the real world where hurting people was bad. I had to bad of a rap to get onto the NFL, so I decided to try by luck at Wrestling in the Xtreme Wrestling Federation.
With a name like Xtreme Wrestling Federation, I knew It was going to be great. I had fun throwing people around and bashing heads, but they told me I had to lose sometimes. I told them if they wanted me to lose then they had to put me against better fighters.
That lil lucha up there. He beat me far and square. Not sure how the hell he did it, but pretty sure he rung my bell. Just like Savage on Ricky the Dragon the dude got ahold of that
bell and beat the shit outta me with it. Gave me a new respect for opponents though, cant judge em just cause I can throw em. Found out sometimes they come back with a vengeance. I quite that night to save my pride.

That night was the beginning of some big changes. On my way home from my ass kicking, I stopped by the “Ol Hangout” and got plastered before heading home. On the drive there was an accident. To this day I have no Idea what happened. I awoke to the smell of burning flesh with my arms trapped and my legs pinned. I couldn’t move. I screamed like lil girl. I was helpless. I figured this must have been what it was like to be on the other side facing me. Even with all my strength I couldn’t move. Not even a finger.
Then there was this passer by. Somehow that lil dude was able to get me out of the car. As soon as he rescued me I ran over to the other vehicle, ripped the front seats outta the car to rescue the adults. The poor kid in the back was so scared. I don’t think he realized I was there to help. He just kept screaming saying don’t hurt me. (To be honest, it was weird being on this side of the ball). Anyways, I tore that seat belt off him and he ran for freedom and safety to his parents. I told the kid thanks and made sure his parents were okay. I called the cops as I left the Scene. The passerby was gone before I could think him. Not only did he save me from the fire, he showed me how I could be better.
From that night forth I have tried to not be a “bad” guy. Sure…we all do things that are bad, according to someone, but that doesn’t mean we are bad people. Besides…if your good all the time, when do you get to have fun?

Victor The Professional
I lost control on Victor and almost killed. Luckily he stopped me by jamming his big knife through my gut. This single act has put me on the Agency’s Watch List. Good news though, made it to top 25 with out trying.

Pierce The Crooked
I met pierce in Chicago on a job. He too tried to slay me, but I proved I had morals by not letting him kill an innocent kid. Now we see who the real monster is.

Karyn The Spooky
I saved Karyn from a bad troll. Later I saw her use her powers on Pierce. Pierce was going to sell me a few hot items work about $3K. Sure…they weren’t legal but rarely due humans know whats magical and whats not. Somehow Karyn instead convinced Pierce to take the item somewhere else and sell it. This was the items I had helped Pierce to steal…why wouldn’t he sell them too me. OH well, he owes me money now.

NetGirl04 The Flake
I hired NetGirl to hack the security system for the job Pierce and I did in Chicago.

Professor Green The Summoned
Me and this dude where in the middle of a heated throw down when we were both jumped by Agents. Not knowing who they were after, the Prof and I stood back to back and kicked the shit outta them boys. I will admit I look forward to another chance to go toe to toe with him. Not sure who will win, but it will be a good fight.

Chris The Wronged
Chris and I go further back than s/he realizes. Chris is a third cousin from my mom’s dad’s grandfather’s aunt’s side. (Look I’m a troll, I don’t have a lot besides family, so I track em good). When Chris was just a lil Shaver I taught ‘em to fight with a hatchet. Man, Chris’s parents were so pissed at me, till Chris took a hack at the burglar that tried stealing their car. As Chris grew bigger so did the weapon. Funny that Chris always stuck with the ax. Fits em, blunt and sharp.

Chico The Sidekick
Chico saved me from burning to death in a car accident. Even with all my powers, I couldn’t rescue myself, but I was able to rescue the other family from their car. Man…that kid was so scared when I ripped him outta the seat belt. Luckily his parents were unconscious and much easier to get outta the car…may have helped they weren’t fighting from being scared either.

Motley The Spell Slinger
- Dont remember how I met Mot. Will have to talk it with him later.