They're Real,They're Hungry and They're Here. ( Monster of The Week)

Season 1: Battling our Demons , Episode 1: Underbridge or "This is where the trouble started." (pilot)

Agency File No. 7334-666-1

Memorandum Part 1 of 2
To: Head of Agency Occult Investigations Division
From: Agent P. Diaz O #8506-9, Field Ops Division, Gate Keeper Unit

Personnel :
Agency Operatives:2 – Viktor R. (Field Agent), G. Johnson (Handler)
Supplemental Personnel: 3- Karen (Psy-Ops), Goram (Close Quarters Specialist/Troll-kin), Pierce (Breaking and Entry Specialist/ Evacuation)

Designator: Delta Echo Romeo Papa-3.

Location: Underbridge, Utah, USA

Mission: Team DERP-3 is to confirm reports of supernatural activity, and execute SIRAC procedures as designated by priority level.

S-3: Stealth is encouraged to maintain cover from unaware civilians, this level can be changed depending on field circumstances.

I-5: Investigation is top priority, gather as much intel as possible.Search for source of disturbances.

R-1:Rescue operations are limited only to team members, civilians and bystanders not a concern.

A-2: Assault is not limited to maintaining cover but team is advised to keep property damage and civilian casualties to a minimum.

C-4: Containment is at a high priority due to possible implications if reports are accurate. Team is advised that source of disturbances should be destroyed if it cannot be contained. (civilian casualties permitted to achieve this goal at this level.)

Intel: Details are unconfirmed yet reports of supernatural activity have aggressively increased in the last 48 hours.

Ma’am, our initial reports have cited numerous disruptions, events and readings leading this unit to request immediate action. After being denied a team from your Division to augment our available field agents, due to lack of formal intel and the expected mortality rate of proposed ops exceeding the permissible 85 percentile, we were forced to recruit 3rd party operatives that are deemed expendable. As per Standard Operating Procedures we requisitioned funds, inventory and firearms to form a S.I.R.A.C. (Search Investigate Rescue Assault and Containment) Team .

Handler Johnson prepared mission dossiers and assembled team based on skill set and prior case experience with our field agent Viktor henceforth refered by code name Professional. Professional had prior run in with code name Troll (Goram ) in which Troll spared Professional from death after an encounter. Troll is an authentic monster but one which is assimilated well enough to live amongst the unaware population, his true purpose or origin is unknown to the agency but his cooperation has been invaluable. Code name Spooky (Karen) previously had involvement with the Agency via prior investigations one of which had her working with Professional during a case. Spooky is on Agency person of interest lists due to her powers, she seems to display telepathic and arcane abilities. Code name Criminal (Pierce) had previously caught the notice of the Agency when Professional had apprehended him during a field operation, criminals talents have warranted Agency interest.

Last field communication indicated Intel reports of demon sightings to be confirmed telepathically in the sewers of the city and then later by actual enemy engagement at a different location. Professional, Spooky and Troll eliminated a threat identified as a Devourer Demon, (classified as a Devourer/Collecter type) at Main Street Church. Criminal’s last know whereabouts are the shops of Main Street. Our satellite information has him surrounded by what appears to be 20 children, 10 on each side of the street lined up and holding hands.


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