They're Real,They're Hungry and They're Here. ( Monster of The Week)

Unofficial Underbridge Incident Report

Not a man of many words, I will keep it short and precise. Our objective was to solve and deal with the strange occurences recently emerging from Underbridge. Entering this small unimportant town I immediately linked in to the possible connection to Lizy, the cabbie, and the town’s disturbance. She drove us to a church to distract the faithful but I separated from the weak and found the first clue while innocently strolling the main streets. The children seemed to be controlled by a being not of this dimension.

Feeding off the clue I had found, the others emerged from the church, filled with the power of the Lord, I assume, and jumped into a manhole as soon as Goram and I summoned the demon controlling the kids. Using a taxi I killed the being controlling the kids, after which the group emerged from the manhole. Also revealing itself was a portal to the real problem of the town. Karen was able to communicate with this beast and determined it had made a deal with a local giving him the ability to bring back the dead in exchange for the life of his daughter. The rest of the group was dead set on saving the girl and killing Bill, father with reviving ability. WHAT!!! The girl was of no value except to complete a deal and rid our dimension of the demons infesting it. Bill was of extreme value and there should have been no time needed to make a decision. Throw the lass into the portal and give Bill to The Agency. Karen’s choice was to kill Bill and save the girl. Viktor’s was to blow up the town and Goram’s solution was not shared with anyone. Karen’s decision to enter the portal with Bill’s daughter was senseless but she was adamant about saving Lizy and when she would get angry she would fry people’s brain cells.
My presence at Underbridge was invaluable to the mission and on top of all that I even found time to save the jeweler’s son from Goram who had already taken out one of the other kids. Even secured a reward for doing so. Don’t judge the others too harshly, they’re learning.


PeteD Dr70kevorkian

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