They're Real,They're Hungry and They're Here. ( Monster of The Week)

Season 1: Battling our Demons , Episode 2: Boston, MA or "A Fungus Among Us"

An excerpt from Boston Police Homicide Detective Henderson’s Crime scene report.

Investigator Name: Det. T. Henderson

Case #87254162015

Crime Scene Location: Studio 8, nite club

Crime Scene Investigation Report

Did the death take place where the body was discovered or was it moved?
Yes. All victims were found to be slain in the vicinity.

Was there any attempt to alter the scene?
Possible, the scene is a total mess, body parts blood and gut everywhere. Some remains were burnt others appear to be liquified or degraded in a manner that indicates chemical use. There are entirely too many body fluids at this crime scene, as if all internal contents of victims’ bodies were liquid.

Is the cause of death clearly apparent?
GSW, Bludgeoning trauma, Evisceration, incineration.

Are there sufficient clues (physical evidence to indicate how the crime occurred, and
where the victim and perpetrator were in relation to each other during the crime?

Most appear to have been in very close proximity, spread pattern suggest various shotguns were used on level 1 and 2 of the location.


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