They're Real,They're Hungry and They're Here. ( Monster of The Week)

Fun with Fungus

We were joined by Chris, one of my distant relatives, quick with an axe, and Chico. Chico is Pierces 2IC. We will talk about him later.

Well, we found both the professors. The first found us and kept oogling me like a piece of meat. So I decided to have fun. While he continued to ignore Netgirl, I went and got the ant exoskull. Man, I wish I could have taken a picture of their expressions when I lept into the room with it on my face. I think NetGirl came unplugged, for sure she loosed a few daggers at me. The professor immediately took interest in the exoskull and gave us directions to the other professor.

Now, Professor 1 wasnt too bad, but professor 2. Man he was a tight wad. We picked him up from his house and headed to the lab. Upon arriving at the lab, any imbisule could see that hit had been broken into, so professor 2 tries to go off on a rant. I was able to subdue it for a bit then handed him over to the girls. The girls snuck around the back of the lab while the men went through the front door. Well, the Men made it to the lab but it was a wreck. Then out from the ground popped those damn ants.(I really have to remember these things come from the ground, not hang on the ceiling). As luck had it I was able to rout a few of them and rescue that idiot Chico from certain death. Then from the back of the lab pops Professor 2. He runs right into the jaws of a few of the Ants, slice slice, dead dude. Chris followed and way-layed a few ants as well.
Chico pushed us back out of the lab through the back door, where we attempted (and failed) to help netgirl gather the fungus samples.
We barely made it to the van alive. Literally, I think Chico might die. He is an arm short, covered in fungus, infected by ants, and singularly focused on dying.
Chico is either suicidal or seriously dense of skull. He cant defend himself for shit and continually runs head long into battle. Dont get me wrong, he did a few good deeds tonight, but has zero concern for his own ass. The other concern is that I dont think his brain worx. Everytime someone asked him any questions he would look to me and ask for my opinion…

I’m not sure how Pierce put up with him for this long. I am thankful Chico saved me from that burning car all those years ago..but Man…how do you deal with someone like that.


PeteD MichealMeyers

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