They're Real,They're Hungry and They're Here. ( Monster of The Week)

Drunken Stupid

So, everything is a lil hazy from last night.
I remember going with Chris to check out the jewelry store, but we forgot to go to the library.
For somereason I was talking to cops, then I remember having fun at the Halloween store.

Next thing I remember those same cops from the Store are tazing me. They must have tazed me pretty hard cause I woke up with 4 arms.
Which isnt so bad, now I can be Goro for the celebration.
Guess the drunken me was thinking the same thing..I got half the outfit…though the loin cloth needs help..Not sure why I got a beach towel around my waist….

Guess I should be prepared to be embarrassed in the morning.

Best quote of the Night “I’m not as think as they drunk look you”


PeteD MichealMeyers

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