They're Real,They're Hungry and They're Here. ( Monster of The Week)

Diary of a dead guy

So…we completed the mission and everyone was happy. But that’s not what this entry is about.

This entry is about burying things and changing who you are. A long time ago I thought I had changed. I thought I had buried the Troll I had become. I hoped I had not turned out like my parents.
This mission proved I was wrong. Before now, there was only 1 other time I lost my temper. It was when Viktor first confronted me. Viktor confronted me about all the things I had done in my past. I tried to explain I had changed that I was no longer that man. But this lil bastard just kept Trolling me. Finally, in the interrogation room, I snapped. He stopped trolling me, but somehow had enough courage and fight left to start gutting me with his Bowie Knife.

Its amazing how the past can haunt us. I was surprised by how much I wanted this “Gift” from the Ants. It was a gift that if used right could help the party. The gift was all close quarters based. Something I am already the main contender for in the Party. I knew the gift would come down to NetGirl or me. Finally when I went to confront her about it, the Whole party told me “NO!” or did the same by not voting. After a short discussion, i picked up the sacrificial Kris and left the room. Then that lil bitch girl threw a dagger at my back. (She was upset because I wouldn’t give the most vulnerable the “gift”.) So, I calmly removed the dagger and leveled my shotgun at her. I had no intentions of killing NetGirl, but I did want to hear her scream and scurry away in fear. When I pulled that trigger all hell broke lose.

Chris dived in front of my muzzle to save NetGirl, NetGirl launched another dagger at me, and Motley threw up an ice wall between the 3 of us. Know is about the time I can say I am glade that Motley stepped in with the Ice wall. Cause I didn’t realize the shotgun was level with NetGirl’s head nor did I expect Chris to jump into the mix and take the round for her.

I left and got the gift, but it was kind of blah when I received it cause the party wasn’t there to share in it with me.
I finally got that Armor Johnson has been working on…then my new exoskeleton came through and broke the Armor. Oh well..guess We will just have to wait and see if its a boon or a bane.




PeteD MichealMeyers

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