They're Real,They're Hungry and They're Here. ( Monster of The Week)

Boston Bug Massacre

Winning big in Vegas when The Agency sends a telegram to meet G-troll and the 2 Greenbacks in Boston. I call Chico, my second in command, and tell him to round up the gumbas and scope out ahead. See, I never head into a town completely blind, I taken too much in my days, made a lot of people angry out there. Capeesh. Got outta the plane in Boston and, splash, my pits began soaking through my Armani. Headed over to the Studio 8 Club as per the telegram. Apparently Ghoram was bouncing there, must suck to have to do an honest day’s work. I pulled in to the lot and waited to get the all clear to enter from Chico. He came over to my car with my jumpsuit and informed me we have yet to hit this club owner or any of his affiliates. I changed in the van and had Chico take my suit to the cleaners and my car to be washed. For Pete’s Sake! One of the greenies is my cousin! I know Viktor arranged this and when I see him I am gonna kick him in the jungle berries. Hope she doesn’t recognize me. I will keep my head low and sunglasses on. Other greenback’s name is, of all things, Professor Green. Very appropriate. Cousin only goes by Netgirl4 now, don’t blame her though, gotta suck growing up with Hildegarde. Pleasantries and mission briefings weren’t even close to being done when patrons in Studio 8 began running out. Apparently some of the tumor riddled zombies were allowed into the club. Nice work bouncer! Hope you at least charged em double for the flesh buddies they were piggybacking.

We headed in for some zombie slaying when G-Money notices some of the customers had been bitten. “Herd them up!” He ordered and I grabbed a few of the richer looking ones and proceeded to control the outbreak. G and P.G. (It’s like I’m deciding which kiddie flick to watch) ran into the zombie mass and quickly thinned their numbers. Netgirl was no where to be found at first, however when I looked over towards the direction of where the bullet that hit P.G. came from, there she was with an Urkel grin on her face. " Did I do that?" Seconds later, Bam! Another round into the back of P.G. and I swear Netgirl had some Britney Spear’s ponytails on. “Oops I did it again”. I began to wonder if P.G. had also stolen a laptop from her in the past. Thank goodness she hasn’t recognized me.
image.jpg =
image.jpg +
After the massacre was complete I discovered and descended the hole of the tunnel the cancerous carnivores came from. At the bottom was a cave full of fungus that seemed to grow towards me. Also was an altar and a humanoid with an ant’s head. I was pulled out of the tunnel with this bug beast in tow. It was killed and I went back down for photographs.
I guess it was when I was being pulled back up that I noticed the sharp pain to my right shoulder. The pain was followed by a bloated feeling as well as nausea and diarrhea. I was bitten by the bugman and was in need of urgent care. I found the whereabouts of an insect professor and had given Chico orders to get me a cure from him or his biologist buddy. Professor’s name is Rico Clendathu. I will be at the Boston university medical center until further notice. I can not allow myself to be seen by my crew as weak and unworthy.
image.jpgIt only hurts when I cough.
Finally have a break to go over my plan. Nurses have been in and out the room taking all my body fluids in for testing except the one I am happy to give. What’s the use though, this damn tumor is ruining my game. Cryotherapy is working, feeling better but I can still sense the infection coursing in me. Chico at least bought me some time by calling the doctors and letting them know about this treatment. Chico is a good crew member, but ever since his parents’ death he has been on some weird trip. It’s as if he wants to be a martyr. He is living way too dangerous and is going to get me killed. I think he blames himself for his folks’ death. He told me they were in a car wreck that engulfed both vehicles in flames. He was able to get out of the car with minimal injuries but his parents were trapped. He reached into the car with both hands and grabbed what he thought were the legs of both his parents. He pulled and pulled but realized too late that he had grabbed the oversized driver of the other vehicle by both of his wrists. His parents’ vehicle exploded.
He has never been the same since then and has been reckless to a fault. I can’t take such chances with my life and I think, if my plan works out, I can make a profit.
(After resting for about an hour) Just received a call from Motley, explosives expert of my crew, who updated me on the progress of the mission. It could not have gone any better for me. I had better survive this fungus. First things first, I need evidence. Going to have to get the security tapes from the lab. All Motley could tell me about Chico is that he was dead, which was expected, and that possibly Chris was the one that killed him. Horatio stated there was alot of screaming and yelling when they all emerged from the lab and jumped in the van but that Chris was repeating “I had to cut his arm off! It was infected!” I have not met Chris so I won’t speak of her intelligence but I can speak of her attention to detail. According to Motley, Chris and Netgirl4 were introduced and spent most of the mission side by side. Did she not notice the large infected tumor that was jutting out of Netgirl’s neck? Painfully obvious in my opinion. Were her real intentions in killing Chico to contain the outbreak or maybe it was racially motivated, maybe she’s emotionally unstable, or maybe she was ordered to do so by The Agency. I don’t know but The Agency is at fault and will compensate me for my loss of a very very valuable asset that was eliminated needlessly by a questionably motivated agent. At least that is what the report will say. The plan to have my martyr protecting the foolishly brave Troll worked flawlessly. Chico dying by the hand of another agent greatly enhances my chances in taking wealth from The Agency.
image.jpg I want my goose to lay golden eggs.
I only hope that when I meet Chico in heaven he will over look the fact that I asked him to lay his life on the line for the one involved in the accident that took his parents life.
image.jpgMust resist!!!
My mind is not my own I don’t think. I no longer feel alone nor the need to be in this hospital. I think I will leave. I need to find these voices. I need to help…..they are calling us to them. We must grow…..we must obey.


Not sure who the monster is here.

Boston Bug Massacre
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