They're Real,They're Hungry and They're Here. ( Monster of The Week)

Baddies in Boston

Contacted by the Agency again. Apparently there are some baddies in Boston causing too many problems. So, being the drifter I am, I just made my way up there ahead of the group and got a job bashing heads as a bouncer for a fun and rowdy club, Studio 8. With in 2 days people didnt give me any more grief, though to be honest most of the problems were caused by drunks….didnt really have to do much but pick em up and literally throw them out onto the street. Everyone else settled down after that.

Anyways, so far the mission hasn’t been too bad. Linked back up with NetGirl04, I knew her from Pierces previous botched mission. Great ugh….lets just say solid performer. Also linked up with some new guy Dr. Green? Him and I have some unfinished business from a few years back. We were in the middle of a brawl when some agents decided to break it up. And as the say, the enemy of my enemy is my friend, so back to back we stood and kick the shit outta the agents, then went our separate ways. One day we will dance again.

Anyways, I ran through the portfolio before the party got there and ID’d the problem as a Zombie-ish monster. The party was still going through the mission portfolio when some of the dancers came running out of the club screaming bloody murder. Sandy, one of my favs, was bitten and screaming about some crrrazy people in the club.
Once we got in the club I could see all hell had broken loose. I pushed Sandy off to Pierce and had that silly bastard wrangle up all the other infected…I figured while Dr. Green and I kill the zombies no sense in letting the infected get at our backs,. Besides, Pierce needed something to make him useful.
Dr. Green and I dispatched the zombies with ease, While pierce was busy killing infected, and Netgirl..well Im not sure she knew what end of the gun her bullets came out of. Just glade she hit Green and not me.
Once the club was clear Pierce and his infinite wisdom decided to jump down the small tunnel the zombies had made to get into the club. It didn’t turn out well for him, the rope on his wench snapped and by lucks breath I managed to catch his tether. Dont know what came outta that hole while I was hauling him up but it reeked havoc on everyone…not sure why it left me alone. Though when Pierce launched that maltov that close to me…I damn near dropped him back down the hole. Not smart to burn a troll Pierce.
Anyways, had fun busting heads, made it back to recoup just to find out the rest of the party are infected. Now we gotta find some professors to save them all.
After all the shootin, fightin, killin, and burnin…I don’t think I’m getting hired back at studio 8. Too bad, it was a fun place and decent money.

Now, to get these others fixed up and get that Body Armor that Johnson owes me.
Though I like the party, I don’t think I would hesitate to stop the disease from spreading, if you know what I mean. I wonder if Pierce has a flame thrower in the van?? May be useful, long as the flames are not coming towards me that is.


PeteD MichealMeyers

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