They're Real,They're Hungry and They're Here. ( Monster of The Week)

Drunken Stupid

So, everything is a lil hazy from last night.
I remember going with Chris to check out the jewelry store, but we forgot to go to the library.
For somereason I was talking to cops, then I remember having fun at the Halloween store.

Next thing I remember those same cops from the Store are tazing me. They must have tazed me pretty hard cause I woke up with 4 arms.
Which isnt so bad, now I can be Goro for the celebration.
Guess the drunken me was thinking the same thing..I got half the outfit…though the loin cloth needs help..Not sure why I got a beach towel around my waist….

Guess I should be prepared to be embarrassed in the morning.

Best quote of the Night “I’m not as think as they drunk look you”

Diary of a dead guy

So…we completed the mission and everyone was happy. But that’s not what this entry is about.

This entry is about burying things and changing who you are. A long time ago I thought I had changed. I thought I had buried the Troll I had become. I hoped I had not turned out like my parents.
This mission proved I was wrong. Before now, there was only 1 other time I lost my temper. It was when Viktor first confronted me. Viktor confronted me about all the things I had done in my past. I tried to explain I had changed that I was no longer that man. But this lil bastard just kept Trolling me. Finally, in the interrogation room, I snapped. He stopped trolling me, but somehow had enough courage and fight left to start gutting me with his Bowie Knife.

Its amazing how the past can haunt us. I was surprised by how much I wanted this “Gift” from the Ants. It was a gift that if used right could help the party. The gift was all close quarters based. Something I am already the main contender for in the Party. I knew the gift would come down to NetGirl or me. Finally when I went to confront her about it, the Whole party told me “NO!” or did the same by not voting. After a short discussion, i picked up the sacrificial Kris and left the room. Then that lil bitch girl threw a dagger at my back. (She was upset because I wouldn’t give the most vulnerable the “gift”.) So, I calmly removed the dagger and leveled my shotgun at her. I had no intentions of killing NetGirl, but I did want to hear her scream and scurry away in fear. When I pulled that trigger all hell broke lose.

Chris dived in front of my muzzle to save NetGirl, NetGirl launched another dagger at me, and Motley threw up an ice wall between the 3 of us. Know is about the time I can say I am glade that Motley stepped in with the Ice wall. Cause I didn’t realize the shotgun was level with NetGirl’s head nor did I expect Chris to jump into the mix and take the round for her.

I left and got the gift, but it was kind of blah when I received it cause the party wasn’t there to share in it with me.
I finally got that Armor Johnson has been working on…then my new exoskeleton came through and broke the Armor. Oh well..guess We will just have to wait and see if its a boon or a bane.



Fun with Fungus

We were joined by Chris, one of my distant relatives, quick with an axe, and Chico. Chico is Pierces 2IC. We will talk about him later.

Well, we found both the professors. The first found us and kept oogling me like a piece of meat. So I decided to have fun. While he continued to ignore Netgirl, I went and got the ant exoskull. Man, I wish I could have taken a picture of their expressions when I lept into the room with it on my face. I think NetGirl came unplugged, for sure she loosed a few daggers at me. The professor immediately took interest in the exoskull and gave us directions to the other professor.

Now, Professor 1 wasnt too bad, but professor 2. Man he was a tight wad. We picked him up from his house and headed to the lab. Upon arriving at the lab, any imbisule could see that hit had been broken into, so professor 2 tries to go off on a rant. I was able to subdue it for a bit then handed him over to the girls. The girls snuck around the back of the lab while the men went through the front door. Well, the Men made it to the lab but it was a wreck. Then out from the ground popped those damn ants.(I really have to remember these things come from the ground, not hang on the ceiling). As luck had it I was able to rout a few of them and rescue that idiot Chico from certain death. Then from the back of the lab pops Professor 2. He runs right into the jaws of a few of the Ants, slice slice, dead dude. Chris followed and way-layed a few ants as well.
Chico pushed us back out of the lab through the back door, where we attempted (and failed) to help netgirl gather the fungus samples.
We barely made it to the van alive. Literally, I think Chico might die. He is an arm short, covered in fungus, infected by ants, and singularly focused on dying.
Chico is either suicidal or seriously dense of skull. He cant defend himself for shit and continually runs head long into battle. Dont get me wrong, he did a few good deeds tonight, but has zero concern for his own ass. The other concern is that I dont think his brain worx. Everytime someone asked him any questions he would look to me and ask for my opinion…

I’m not sure how Pierce put up with him for this long. I am thankful Chico saved me from that burning car all those years ago..but Man…how do you deal with someone like that.

Boston Bug Massacre
Winning big in Vegas when The Agency sends a telegram to meet G-troll and the 2 Greenbacks in Boston. I call Chico, my second in command, and tell him to round up the gumbas and scope out ahead. See, I never head into a town completely blind, I taken too much in my days, made a lot of people angry out there. Capeesh. Got outta the plane in Boston and, splash, my pits began soaking through my Armani. Headed over to the Studio 8 Club as per the telegram. Apparently Ghoram was bouncing there, must suck to have to do an honest day’s work. I pulled in to the lot and waited to get the all clear to enter from Chico. He came over to my car with my jumpsuit and informed me we have yet to hit this club owner or any of his affiliates. I changed in the van and had Chico take my suit to the cleaners and my car to be washed. For Pete’s Sake! One of the greenies is my cousin! I know Viktor arranged this and when I see him I am gonna kick him in the jungle berries. Hope she doesn’t recognize me. I will keep my head low and sunglasses on. Other greenback’s name is, of all things, Professor Green. Very appropriate. Cousin only goes by Netgirl4 now, don’t blame her though, gotta suck growing up with Hildegarde. Pleasantries and mission briefings weren’t even close to being done when patrons in Studio 8 began running out. Apparently some of the tumor riddled zombies were allowed into the club. Nice work bouncer! Hope you at least charged em double for the flesh buddies they were piggybacking.

We headed in for some zombie slaying when G-Money notices some of the customers had been bitten. “Herd them up!” He ordered and I grabbed a few of the richer looking ones and proceeded to control the outbreak. G and P.G. (It’s like I’m deciding which kiddie flick to watch) ran into the zombie mass and quickly thinned their numbers. Netgirl was no where to be found at first, however when I looked over towards the direction of where the bullet that hit P.G. came from, there she was with an Urkel grin on her face. " Did I do that?" Seconds later, Bam! Another round into the back of P.G. and I swear Netgirl had some Britney Spear’s ponytails on. “Oops I did it again”. I began to wonder if P.G. had also stolen a laptop from her in the past. Thank goodness she hasn’t recognized me.
image.jpg =
image.jpg +
After the massacre was complete I discovered and descended the hole of the tunnel the cancerous carnivores came from. At the bottom was a cave full of fungus that seemed to grow towards me. Also was an altar and a humanoid with an ant’s head. I was pulled out of the tunnel with this bug beast in tow. It was killed and I went back down for photographs.
I guess it was when I was being pulled back up that I noticed the sharp pain to my right shoulder. The pain was followed by a bloated feeling as well as nausea and diarrhea. I was bitten by the bugman and was in need of urgent care. I found the whereabouts of an insect professor and had given Chico orders to get me a cure from him or his biologist buddy. Professor’s name is Rico Clendathu. I will be at the Boston university medical center until further notice. I can not allow myself to be seen by my crew as weak and unworthy.
image.jpgIt only hurts when I cough.
Finally have a break to go over my plan. Nurses have been in and out the room taking all my body fluids in for testing except the one I am happy to give. What’s the use though, this damn tumor is ruining my game. Cryotherapy is working, feeling better but I can still sense the infection coursing in me. Chico at least bought me some time by calling the doctors and letting them know about this treatment. Chico is a good crew member, but ever since his parents’ death he has been on some weird trip. It’s as if he wants to be a martyr. He is living way too dangerous and is going to get me killed. I think he blames himself for his folks’ death. He told me they were in a car wreck that engulfed both vehicles in flames. He was able to get out of the car with minimal injuries but his parents were trapped. He reached into the car with both hands and grabbed what he thought were the legs of both his parents. He pulled and pulled but realized too late that he had grabbed the oversized driver of the other vehicle by both of his wrists. His parents’ vehicle exploded.
He has never been the same since then and has been reckless to a fault. I can’t take such chances with my life and I think, if my plan works out, I can make a profit.
(After resting for about an hour) Just received a call from Motley, explosives expert of my crew, who updated me on the progress of the mission. It could not have gone any better for me. I had better survive this fungus. First things first, I need evidence. Going to have to get the security tapes from the lab. All Motley could tell me about Chico is that he was dead, which was expected, and that possibly Chris was the one that killed him. Horatio stated there was alot of screaming and yelling when they all emerged from the lab and jumped in the van but that Chris was repeating “I had to cut his arm off! It was infected!” I have not met Chris so I won’t speak of her intelligence but I can speak of her attention to detail. According to Motley, Chris and Netgirl4 were introduced and spent most of the mission side by side. Did she not notice the large infected tumor that was jutting out of Netgirl’s neck? Painfully obvious in my opinion. Were her real intentions in killing Chico to contain the outbreak or maybe it was racially motivated, maybe she’s emotionally unstable, or maybe she was ordered to do so by The Agency. I don’t know but The Agency is at fault and will compensate me for my loss of a very very valuable asset that was eliminated needlessly by a questionably motivated agent. At least that is what the report will say. The plan to have my martyr protecting the foolishly brave Troll worked flawlessly. Chico dying by the hand of another agent greatly enhances my chances in taking wealth from The Agency.
image.jpg I want my goose to lay golden eggs.
I only hope that when I meet Chico in heaven he will over look the fact that I asked him to lay his life on the line for the one involved in the accident that took his parents life.
image.jpgMust resist!!!
My mind is not my own I don’t think. I no longer feel alone nor the need to be in this hospital. I think I will leave. I need to find these voices. I need to help…..they are calling us to them. We must grow…..we must obey.

Baddies in Boston

Contacted by the Agency again. Apparently there are some baddies in Boston causing too many problems. So, being the drifter I am, I just made my way up there ahead of the group and got a job bashing heads as a bouncer for a fun and rowdy club, Studio 8. With in 2 days people didnt give me any more grief, though to be honest most of the problems were caused by drunks….didnt really have to do much but pick em up and literally throw them out onto the street. Everyone else settled down after that.

Anyways, so far the mission hasn’t been too bad. Linked back up with NetGirl04, I knew her from Pierces previous botched mission. Great ugh….lets just say solid performer. Also linked up with some new guy Dr. Green? Him and I have some unfinished business from a few years back. We were in the middle of a brawl when some agents decided to break it up. And as the say, the enemy of my enemy is my friend, so back to back we stood and kick the shit outta the agents, then went our separate ways. One day we will dance again.

Anyways, I ran through the portfolio before the party got there and ID’d the problem as a Zombie-ish monster. The party was still going through the mission portfolio when some of the dancers came running out of the club screaming bloody murder. Sandy, one of my favs, was bitten and screaming about some crrrazy people in the club.
Once we got in the club I could see all hell had broken loose. I pushed Sandy off to Pierce and had that silly bastard wrangle up all the other infected…I figured while Dr. Green and I kill the zombies no sense in letting the infected get at our backs,. Besides, Pierce needed something to make him useful.
Dr. Green and I dispatched the zombies with ease, While pierce was busy killing infected, and Netgirl..well Im not sure she knew what end of the gun her bullets came out of. Just glade she hit Green and not me.
Once the club was clear Pierce and his infinite wisdom decided to jump down the small tunnel the zombies had made to get into the club. It didn’t turn out well for him, the rope on his wench snapped and by lucks breath I managed to catch his tether. Dont know what came outta that hole while I was hauling him up but it reeked havoc on everyone…not sure why it left me alone. Though when Pierce launched that maltov that close to me…I damn near dropped him back down the hole. Not smart to burn a troll Pierce.
Anyways, had fun busting heads, made it back to recoup just to find out the rest of the party are infected. Now we gotta find some professors to save them all.
After all the shootin, fightin, killin, and burnin…I don’t think I’m getting hired back at studio 8. Too bad, it was a fun place and decent money.

Now, to get these others fixed up and get that Body Armor that Johnson owes me.
Though I like the party, I don’t think I would hesitate to stop the disease from spreading, if you know what I mean. I wonder if Pierce has a flame thrower in the van?? May be useful, long as the flames are not coming towards me that is.

Season 1: Battling our Demons , Episode 2: Boston, MA or "A Fungus Among Us"

An excerpt from Boston Police Homicide Detective Henderson’s Crime scene report.

Investigator Name: Det. T. Henderson

Case #87254162015

Crime Scene Location: Studio 8, nite club

Crime Scene Investigation Report

Did the death take place where the body was discovered or was it moved?
Yes. All victims were found to be slain in the vicinity.

Was there any attempt to alter the scene?
Possible, the scene is a total mess, body parts blood and gut everywhere. Some remains were burnt others appear to be liquified or degraded in a manner that indicates chemical use. There are entirely too many body fluids at this crime scene, as if all internal contents of victims’ bodies were liquid.

Is the cause of death clearly apparent?
GSW, Bludgeoning trauma, Evisceration, incineration.

Are there sufficient clues (physical evidence to indicate how the crime occurred, and
where the victim and perpetrator were in relation to each other during the crime?

Most appear to have been in very close proximity, spread pattern suggest various shotguns were used on level 1 and 2 of the location.

Unofficial Underbridge Incident Report
Not a man of many words, I will keep it short and precise. Our objective was to solve and deal with the strange occurences recently emerging from Underbridge. Entering this small unimportant town I immediately linked in to the possible connection to Lizy, the cabbie, and the town’s disturbance. She drove us to a church to distract the faithful but I separated from the weak and found the first clue while innocently strolling the main streets. The children seemed to be controlled by a being not of this dimension.

Feeding off the clue I had found, the others emerged from the church, filled with the power of the Lord, I assume, and jumped into a manhole as soon as Goram and I summoned the demon controlling the kids. Using a taxi I killed the being controlling the kids, after which the group emerged from the manhole. Also revealing itself was a portal to the real problem of the town. Karen was able to communicate with this beast and determined it had made a deal with a local giving him the ability to bring back the dead in exchange for the life of his daughter. The rest of the group was dead set on saving the girl and killing Bill, father with reviving ability. WHAT!!! The girl was of no value except to complete a deal and rid our dimension of the demons infesting it. Bill was of extreme value and there should have been no time needed to make a decision. Throw the lass into the portal and give Bill to The Agency. Karen’s choice was to kill Bill and save the girl. Viktor’s was to blow up the town and Goram’s solution was not shared with anyone. Karen’s decision to enter the portal with Bill’s daughter was senseless but she was adamant about saving Lizy and when she would get angry she would fry people’s brain cells.
My presence at Underbridge was invaluable to the mission and on top of all that I even found time to save the jeweler’s son from Goram who had already taken out one of the other kids. Even secured a reward for doing so. Don’t judge the others too harshly, they’re learning.

Notice of Suspension

Agent Viktor R. is hereby suspended from field operations for minimum of 2 weeks or until agency inquiry completed. Agent actions under investigation from Underbridge, UT mission include but are not limited to the following:

Improper allocation of mission resources.
Loss/Surrender of field operative/asset.
Unauthorized acquisition of explosive weapon.
Unauthorized/ unaccounted withdrawal of grenade
Use of unaccounted weapon.

This notice of suspension is for Agency records and not the final finding of Agency inquiry.

Handler Agent comments:
Agent Viktor R. followed protocol and went through proper channels. This is a case of beaucracy and lost paperwork. Furthermore thanks to this agent’s actions we now understand portals better as in we now know grenades won’t close them. This mission was completed successfully and although we lost a non agent field operative we have now gained an invaluable resource in obtaining Bill Harbor under Agency custody. Psychics are a dime a dozen in these times, but a Reviver is something almost unheard of.

Red rover with Underbridge kids.

Underbridge isn’t so bad. The worse part of this crumby town, other than the chatty cab driver, is the caked-up kids.image.jpg

Season 1: Battling our Demons , Episode 1: Underbridge or "This is where the trouble started." (pilot)
Agency File No. 7334-666-1

Memorandum Part 1 of 2
To: Head of Agency Occult Investigations Division
From: Agent P. Diaz O #8506-9, Field Ops Division, Gate Keeper Unit

Personnel :
Agency Operatives:2 – Viktor R. (Field Agent), G. Johnson (Handler)
Supplemental Personnel: 3- Karen (Psy-Ops), Goram (Close Quarters Specialist/Troll-kin), Pierce (Breaking and Entry Specialist/ Evacuation)

Designator: Delta Echo Romeo Papa-3.

Location: Underbridge, Utah, USA

Mission: Team DERP-3 is to confirm reports of supernatural activity, and execute SIRAC procedures as designated by priority level.

S-3: Stealth is encouraged to maintain cover from unaware civilians, this level can be changed depending on field circumstances.

I-5: Investigation is top priority, gather as much intel as possible.Search for source of disturbances.

R-1:Rescue operations are limited only to team members, civilians and bystanders not a concern.

A-2: Assault is not limited to maintaining cover but team is advised to keep property damage and civilian casualties to a minimum.

C-4: Containment is at a high priority due to possible implications if reports are accurate. Team is advised that source of disturbances should be destroyed if it cannot be contained. (civilian casualties permitted to achieve this goal at this level.)

Intel: Details are unconfirmed yet reports of supernatural activity have aggressively increased in the last 48 hours.

Ma’am, our initial reports have cited numerous disruptions, events and readings leading this unit to request immediate action. After being denied a team from your Division to augment our available field agents, due to lack of formal intel and the expected mortality rate of proposed ops exceeding the permissible 85 percentile, we were forced to recruit 3rd party operatives that are deemed expendable. As per Standard Operating Procedures we requisitioned funds, inventory and firearms to form a S.I.R.A.C. (Search Investigate Rescue Assault and Containment) Team .

Handler Johnson prepared mission dossiers and assembled team based on skill set and prior case experience with our field agent Viktor henceforth refered by code name Professional. Professional had prior run in with code name Troll (Goram ) in which Troll spared Professional from death after an encounter. Troll is an authentic monster but one which is assimilated well enough to live amongst the unaware population, his true purpose or origin is unknown to the agency but his cooperation has been invaluable. Code name Spooky (Karen) previously had involvement with the Agency via prior investigations one of which had her working with Professional during a case. Spooky is on Agency person of interest lists due to her powers, she seems to display telepathic and arcane abilities. Code name Criminal (Pierce) had previously caught the notice of the Agency when Professional had apprehended him during a field operation, criminals talents have warranted Agency interest.

Last field communication indicated Intel reports of demon sightings to be confirmed telepathically in the sewers of the city and then later by actual enemy engagement at a different location. Professional, Spooky and Troll eliminated a threat identified as a Devourer Demon, (classified as a Devourer/Collecter type) at Main Street Church. Criminal’s last know whereabouts are the shops of Main Street. Our satellite information has him surrounded by what appears to be 20 children, 10 on each side of the street lined up and holding hands.

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